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Be a Class Representative!!!
We are looking for any Calhoun Alumni that can help us contact classmates for their year of graduation.

If you would like to become a Class Representative. Please, send an e-mail to: calhounalumni2@gmail.com


Thank you for visiting the Calhoun Alumni Association (CAA) website.  The association was formed by a small group of dedicated and spirited Calhoun alumni back in 2006.

Our mission includes:
•    providing scholarships each year to graduating Calhoun students;
•    supporting the Calhoun community of students, teachers and administration                          through  fundraising and volunteerism;
•    setting an example for future alums to want to give back to the school as well
•    planning events to bring alumni together again.

As with all great plans, we need help!!

Please Join or make a Donation.  If you live local, drop in for a meeting or phone in to be part of the process. (We usually meet once a month at the school…see Events posting.)

Providing us with your updated contact information will help us create an accurate database, which in turn can allow us to give information to representatives planning class reunions and get the word out for events.

We have lots of plans for the near future, including newsletters – so send us your news; alumni spirit wear for purchase; and events where alumni can just gather together to enjoy memories of past friendships and days at Calhoun.

It only takes a few minutes, so please support the Calhoun Alumni Association now.  No donation is too small or too large and either way, we appreciate your interest.  Thank you for looking at this website and be sure to pass it along to your alumni friends and become a member! Suggestions are always welcome.

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Please note this warning!!! If any alumni receives emails or letters from AlumniClass.com disregard it. This site has noting to do with Calhoun Alumni organization, it is a scam and your $20 lifetime membership will not benefit Calhoun or the Alumni organization.